WINDCRANE Mini | Wind Monitoring for Cranes and Construction

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Prevention of wind related downtime disputes with WINDCRANE

100% Dispute free for weather claims in construction

Detailed site specific current wind speed, shared in real time with your staff and customers - Can you afford not to have it?

WINDCRANE gives you exactly that:

  • Project and Operation managers work from the same wind data that crane driver and customers see. All current wind data is shared and connected across the project stakeholders.
  • Crane driver, Operation manager, Project manager and Customer all see the same current wind speed data live. 
  • Customer can see what the crane driver is seeing and there's no room for disputes to whether the crane should be operating
  • 24/7 automated remote wind monitoring with global GSM coverage
  • It only takes 1 day of weather disputes to pay for WINDCRANE

      WINDCRANE is an IEC-61400 compliant wind measurement data logger, built on over a decade experience measuring wind for the Wind Energy sector. Accurate, precise and automatic with zero maintenance required.

      WINDCRANE comes with:

      • 3 years warranty
      • High impact enclosure (super tough for the most tough environments)
      • 40m of sensor cable (other options available, or ask for our OEM DIN rail option to interface with the existing crane wind sensor)
      • Tough wind speed anemometer sensor
      • Optional in cabin display unit
      • 1 year monitoring contract and web portal access included

      If you have any question of doubts, please contact us or phone +441415856496, or we can always arrange a call-back to answer any questions you may have or even arrange a trial unit for your team. 

      Download WINDCRANE Iot Wind Data Service

      Download WINDCRANE Mini Tech Spec

      Download WINDCRANE Mini Install Guide

      Or you can find more information at its dedicated website

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