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About Us

Meet the experts behind WindLogger technology

WindLogger is built upon the field-proven expertise of Logic Energy, a UK-based company with years of experience offering monitoring solutions for energy efficiency projects and renewable energy systems. 

WindLogger has already been deployed successfully in various wind power and research applications. From ecosystem research in all types of environments, ranging from the Atacama Desert in northern Chile to the frozen lakes of Antarctica, collaborating with institutions such as the Research Group for Earth Observation (RGEO) and NASA.

WindLogger and WindTracker are Logic Energy products, designed in Scotland and manufactured in the UK.

Logic Energy with its over 10 years experience building, designing and manufacturing a range of innovative wind and weather monitoring systems that can be used in countries worldwide. From wind site assessment to determine the viability of renewables investment to monitoring wind speed around ancient monuments, our wind products have a wide range of applications.

The first WindLogger was manufactured in 2008, since then we have sold over 10,000 units worldwide and have acquired a lot of experience on what it matters when measuring wind speeds: keep it simple. We do spot tests on every batch of wind data loggers we manufacture, one of our favourites is testing the data loggers under sub zero conditions for days! Below one of the first LeWL "ice cube" wind data loggers back in 2008

WindLogger working under sub zero temperatures 2008

Today a few years later, we are still carrying the same extreme quality and endurance tests, 2015

WindLogger wind speed data logger sub zero temperature test 2015

All our products are manufactured in the UK under ISO 9001 standards and fully CE and EMC certified to ensure that they are of the highest quality.

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