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Crane Anemometer, Endurance by WINDCRANE

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    The WINDCRANE anemometer is a tough, high-performance wind speed sensor for use with the WINDCRANE wind monitoring system. It is easy to install and provides reliable, accurate wind readings. The sensor is constructed of durable damage-resistant materials. The sensor is supplied with mounting hardware (mounting foot or tube and clamp) for easy installation onto a bracket/plate or tubular pole stub mast. Connection to the WINDCRANE logger unit is via pre-wired shielded cable pigtail and rugged weatherproof M12 industrial connectors. 

    This anemometer is compatible with WINDCRANE system and also works with most of dataloggers, PLCs and cranes. The anemometer uses a dry contact signal that can tolerate up to 24Vdc. Please check with us if you need more details.  

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  • Mechanical / Electical

    Materials :TPE flexible composite rotor, composite body. Stainless steel shaft and bearings.

    Working temperature: -40 °C to +60 °C

    Weight: 0.8 kg incl. mounting bracket and 1.5 m cable tail.

    Measurement range: 0.5 - 50 m/s (2-180 km/h, 1-112 mph)

    Accuracy: 2% ±0.2 m/s (2% ± 0.5 mph, 2% ±0.7 km/h)

  • Download Anemometer Endurance by WINDCRANE Spec Sheet

  • See the video where we try to destroy the sensor. 

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